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Hi, I'm Alesh Houdek,

a web developer and designer in Longmont, Colorado


Featured JavaScript Server-side UI/UX design Fun! All

Album Spinner

An album shuffler for Spotify

The Goods!!

“Why aren’t conservative intellectuals afraid of the scooter backlash?” A satirical headline generator.

FullerWord web app

An Angular app for storing and classifying interesting words, intended for writers.


Server-based drink tracking app built with Laravel and PHP. Includes user registration and basic graphic visualizations.


Discovery tool for Google Fonts. Built with React/Redux.


A responsive, client-side web app providing an interactive front-end to the MediaHound API for searching movies, books, and games.

Yglesias Bot

Node.js Twitter bot that retweets the top 20% of a user’s tweets based on number of favorites after 5 minutes.

ArtandCultureCenter​.org website

Built with Textpattern, this is a responsive website for the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood with many customizations.

WorkoutCalc iOS app

This simple app tracks workouts in the Starting Strength program. Allows the user to set their lifting weight immediately after each exercise. Created with web technology and converted into an iOS app with Cordova. WordPress site

Website for a title company with a personality! Custom WordPress theme with graphics, PHP, and JavaScript customizations.

Felice Grodin artist website

Felice Grodin’s work is highly architectural and technical. Her website reflects that with a complex menu of media and work categories.

1-Step Gallery PHP script

A single index.php file that, when dropped into a folder on a web server with images in it, will auto-generate a gallery at that web address.


Simple two-player board game that can be played head to head or against the computer. Includes basic AI and an overlay settings dialog.


A simple switch that remembers its state.

Aluminum and Steel WordPress theme

Aluminum and Steel was a briefly-running blog for which I designed a custom responsive theme based on the starter theme Underscores.

About me

Alesh Houdek

I’m Alesh Houdek, a front-end web developer and designer in Longmont, Colorado. I've been building websites for over 15 years, and programming in JavaScript for four years. Lately I have been focusing on building websites and making apps with React, Angular, and Laravel.

While working at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, Florida, I created their current website, with a bold full-page image homepage and a highly customized CMS. I also did lots of print design, marketing strategy, and IT for the 12+ staff.

See more of my work on this site, or get in touch!

Say hello → or 305. 532. 2587

This website is built with WordPress. The splash screen features a sketch made with p5.js and the multi-weight Cooper Hewitt webfont. Crow illustration by Jiří Trnka. A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.